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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Providing metadata

CESSDA DC metadata is based on DDI Codebook and exchanged using OAI-PMH.

The metadata is expected to be compliant with the CESSDA Metadata Model v1.0. Specifically, the CESSDA Metadata Profiles must be adopted.

DDI XML file format compliance with CMM can be checked using the CESSDA Metadata Validator.


Data Providers must provide an endpoint supporting

CESSDA compliant metadata in DDI

  • Regular updates of the metadata provided
  • Persistence of identifiers and endpoint identifier (see CESSDA Identifiers)
  • Deletion of records marked as updates
  • Provenance records for any records not originating, i.e. aggregated from other sources

Submitting endpoints to CESSDA

CESSDA Service Providers can contact Main Office to connect their expert with the CESSDA Platform Team.

Required information are

  • URL of the OAI-PMH endpoint (e.g.
  • Metadata prefix (e.g. oai_ddi25)
  • Set specification, if relevant (e.g. subject:social-sciences)
  • Name and email address of the person responsible for the endpoint.

Further reading

Documentation and recommendations for setting up an OAI-PMH endpoint can be found in the CESSDA Technical Guidelines.