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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

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All examples were run against the CESSDA Data Catalogue at a point in time when total records in English = 27968.

house [9067 results]

garden [322 results]

house + garden [165 results]

which is equivalent to house garden, as searching for multiple terms uses AND by default.

house | garden [9105 results]

which of course is equivalent to garden | house.

elections + -presidential [139 results]

"garden house" [3 results]

"house garden" [26 results]

ho* [19547 results]

hou* [13444 results]

hous* [12698 results]

(garden room) | (garden house) [0 results]

((garden room) | (garden house) | house) [9068 results]

((garden room) | (garden house) | social) [23166 results]