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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Extracting metadata from the CDC


Search API

Service Provider staff that want to offer local catalogue users the opportunity to run their search queries against CDC, to provide them with additional results.

OAI-PMH endpoint

Data aggregators (such as OpenAIRE, B2Find, GoTriple) can easily harvest the entire contents of the data catalogue. Record identifiers are unified with those used in the User Interface.


To describe the use of the CDC OAI-PMH endpoint and provide a link to CDC SearchAPI documentation.

OAI-PMH endpoint description

The OAI-PMH compliant endpoint is located at It exposes the metadata in DublinCore, DataCite and DDI 2.5 Codebook formats.

Use the standard OAI-PMH verbs to query the endpoint. For example, to list all the record identifiers and return the results in DDI 2.5 XML format, use ?verb=ListIdentifiers&metadataPrefix=oai_ddi25

Search API description

The CDC Search API documentation is part of the CESSDA REST API collection. It is based on the OpenAPI standard, and as such it is possible to run test queries from within the page.